This may sound alarming, but in the year 2021...
The world is running out of SILVER
Buying only 100 ounces of physical silver will put YOU in the new 1%

Nearly half of all the silver ever mined has been destroyed.

Due to the manipulated low price of silver, in the last 50 years many hundreds of thousands of tonnes of silver was thrown away like waste. This silver now sits in dumps around the world unlikely to ever be recovered due to contamination and low concentrations.

Even though today some silver is recycled from industrial usage a lot of it is still thrown away because the cost to extract the silver exceeds the price. While nearly 50% of the silver ever mined has been destroyed, only 2% of gold has.

For the last 20 years silver mines only met 75% of demand.

Due to ever increasing industrial demand in things like electronics, solar panels and batteries we have not been able to produce enough silver for over 20 years. The gap was made up by recycling, mostly in the forms of old coins, cutlery, plates and jewelry.

Over 100000 tonnes of silver had to be found and recycled in just the last 20 years. To put this in persective, 15% of all the silver that we have above the ground today came from recycling in just the last 20 years.

Billions of solar panels are expected to be made in the next decade and they all consume multiple ounces of silver, where will this come from? How long do you think we can keep using silver from the past to fund the future?

Silver is VERY rare

Like gold there is very little silver in the Earths crust. Silver mines only extract 9 ounces of silver for every 1 ounce of gold for a 9:1 ratio. And now consider that half of silver ever mined has been destroyed! The price of silver is currently 1 / 65 that of gold.

Silver mining like gold mining has become increasingly difficult. As all the easily mined silver was mined over the last thousands of years we now have mostly hard to extract silver.

For the last 4 years annual silver production has declined and is expected to stay flat or decline further in coming years.

Investment demand for physical silver is sky rocketing

The demand for physical silver has increased so much that it is becoming harder and harder for the average person to buy it. With governments around the world printing trillions of dollars in 2020 there has been a push to return to safe investments like silver. Mints and stores around the world are facing unprecedent demand that has never been seen before. Many have either low or no stock as of March 2021.

Like many markets, the silver market has been manipulated by banks for decades. However the silver market is likely the most manipulated market in the world with estimates that 50 to 1000 times more "paper silver" exists than real silver. A slight disruption in the physical silver market could see the paper silver market destroyed and the real market price reached.

In February 2021 The reddit group Wallstreetsilver started a campaign to buy as much physical silver as possible to cause a "Silver Squeeze". This is an attempt to take so much physical silver off the market that it would stop fake paper trading of silver and see a fair silver price. This movement has caused massive shortages to appear in the silver retail markets as the thousands of users post daily their hauls of physical silver they have acquired.


Silver is a finite resource, it is also a very rare resource that is becoming increasingly difficult to mine. We globally produce 25% less silver than we actually consume and this gap is expected to significantly increase in the next 10 years.

So you have a limited, rare resource with demand for this resource outstripping supply significantly and expected to grow. Yet we still destroy hundreds of tonnes of this resource industrially every year, if this continues then eventually all silver would be destroyed.

Not only is the actual industrial use for silver going to outstrip the mining supply very soon, people around the world are demanding silver to protect themselves from hyperinflation and other economic problems caused by governments printing money and increasing their debt. Silver has been used for thousands of years as a real currency as it is rare and something that you can hold in your hand. They cannot simply create silver like they do numbers in a bank account.

Physical silver is drastically undervalued and is the only commodity in the world with a value LESS than its 1980 value, even without taking into account inflation. Using ShadowStats Alternate CPI inflation that value would be $966 an ounce! Instead, as of March 2021 the price is hovering around $26.

As more and more people are attempting to turn their "paper silver" into real silver they are finding that they are unable to do so and being forced to settle in cash instead. It is like a silver version of a bank run, if you are invested in any "unallocated" or ETF silver then you will need to quickly turn that into real physical silver if you do not want to be left behind.

Steps to take

1. Buy physical silver

By acquiring physical silver that you can hold in your hands you will help destroy the fake paper trading of silver and see a return to its "real market price". Not only will you give the middle finger to the banks that have helped create nearly all of our current economic problems, when the fair market price of silver is reached you will have increased your wealth.

Physical silver comes in coins and bars for investors and can be found in local stores or delivered from online stores. Do your own research into what is best for you. Do not invest in "paper silver" products, or ETFs, when the silver squeeze happens you will not be financially rewarded.

Due to silver being so artificially cheap everyone in the world is in a position RIGHT NOW to significantly increase their real wealth for very little cost whilst also taking some control back from the banks. If all the available above ground silver was shared equally among the human race then we would each only have a half ounce of silver, owning even 100 ounces of silver will easily put you in the top 1% of silver holders. If like many predict a currency reset happens within the next year this would instantly transport you to millionaire status.

2. Invest in silver mining companies

Obviously as the silver price explodes so will the value of any company that mines silver. Find companies that mine silver and have large amounts more to mine. Funnel your profits back into buying physical silver that you hold yourself.

3. Do your own research

In this world we live in there is manipulation everywhere, do your own research on silver and fact check as much as you can. Do not follow any advice from this page alone, find multiple sources to back your own investments and theories.

4. Use your new wealth wisely

If you find yourself wealthy in the near future due to investing in silver please do not repeat the mistakes of those before us. Do not abuse your power, be truthful and help your local community.

I made this page to help real people. As governments around the world attempt to curtail our freedoms and our rights it is up to us to push back against it. This starts with having financial freedom. Good luck to everyone in the coming years, we will need it.

I have not linked to anyone that sells or mines silver, I do not make any profits from this page and I never will. It only exists to help people achieve financial freedom.

April 2021 News

The U.S. Mint, Perth Mint, Royal UK Mint, Royal Canadian Mint and hundreds of other silver retailers around the world are either out of stock or very low on stock of silver products. Mexico, the worlds largest silver producer has stopped production of its famous silver Libertad coins.

People are starting to report defaults and massive delays at numerous silver banks as they appear to have lied about how much physical silver they actually have on hand.

Reports that silver will be unable to be bought by May 14th 2021


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